Call for EoI to carry Out the Y2Y Pre-Grant Assessment

UYONET with funding from DGF is implementing a three year project dubbed “strengthening the youth sector to engage in democratic and decision making processes”. The project aims at contributing towards building a well-coordinated, effective and responsive youth sector and envisages a connected youth movement that engages as active agents of change in the governance processes.

As part of interventions contributing to its strategic plan and the National Youth Manifesto UYONET is implementing a youth to youth grant aimed at sub-contracting UYONET member organizations whose local advocacy initiatives are aligned to the UYONET strategic plan and the national youth manifesto. The 10 successful member applicants for this initiative will also benefit from capacity enhancement in grants management.

In this call for expression of interest, UYONET is seeking applications from suitably qualified individuals or institutions to verify the facts presented in the partner grant application forms assessed by the 10 member organisations during the evaluation process to ensure that we only sub-grant to members with the capacity to manage the grant.

Please Click HERE to Download the Full Call for Expression of Interest.