Call for Expression of Interest to Develop a Story Telling Documentary

Call for EoIIn 2014, Uganda Youth Network with support from the Democratic Governance Facility initiated a program dubbed The leadership Academy; a multi-faceted and general change leadership training and mentoring program intended to promote more pluralistic, representative and accountable governance in Uganda through training and grooming a set of transformative leaders.

The Leadership Academy is a non-academic but certified program with a wide range of leadership/political training programs to young people with a mission “to promote transformative leaders through purposeful training.” The programme envisions “A center of excellence dedicated to nurturing transformative leadership.”

It’s against this background that Uganda Youth Network is looking for a qualified, skilled and professional person/firm to develop a story-telling documentary on the impact of the Leadership Academy 2018/19 in the lives of the beneficiaries in the four regions of Uganda in the period between January and March 2019.

The leadership academy is delivered on 6 broad study topics in the curriculum in form of tiers; Tier 1: Leadership Development for Transformation, Tier 2: Essential Leadership Tool Kit and, Tier 3: Leadership in Action. Tier 1 has been concluded in all the four project regions.

There are 5 key deliverables under this assignment;

  1. A 20 minutes audio visual documentary that will tell a comprehensive and convincing stories of change from the beneficiaries
  2. Deliver 10 copies of a documentary on the DVD
  3. One pager profile of each of the respondents
  4. A DVD of Professional pictures for TLA trainings and graduation for UYONET’s promotional work and,
  5. A picture story-book of Professional pictures for TLA trainings and graduation for UYONET’s promotional work.

The documentary once developed, should be able to complement UYONET’s planned promotional and advocacy campaigns which shall be designed to use both mainstream as well as social media platforms. The documentary should be cognizant of the unique socio-cultural perspectives of the youth in the different regions making it more appealing to funders and policy makers to support the program further.


  1. A firm expressing interest must be a legal entity duly registered with the relevant authorities.
  2. At least two years’ experience in developing leadership documentaries/films. (Evidence of completion of assignments of a similar nature)
  3. Experience in development communication and mass media will be added advantage
  4. The person/firm should have good knowledge of the youth movement in Uganda, proven experience of in-depth analytical skills of youth leadership programs and projects.

Application requirements:

  1. Technical proposal on methods of delivery
  2. Short write up on your experience in developing leadership documentaries
  3. Draw a schedule and indicate your availability in the months of January and March

Application procedure:

Completed Applications should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or hand delivered using the address below not later than Monday 14th January, 2019 .

Otim Ronald
Executive Director
Uganda Youth Network
P. O. Box 33268 Kampala
Plot 55A Kimera Road (Ntinda), Kampala.

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