Youth Opinion in response to the National Budget Frame work Paper

survey Government introduced Youth Livelihood Program (YLP) in 2013/2014 as a 5-year program to economically empower the youth. In 2019/2020, cabinet has approved and amended the National Budget Frame work paper (NBFP) vote for Youth Livelihood Program. It created a vote for youth programs in state house and resulted in a reduction of YLP from Uganda Shillings 66.6 Billion in 2018/2019 to Uganda Shillings 4.62 Billion 2019/2020 with in the ministry of Gender Labor and social economic Development, which is 93% reduction.

The youth program in state house rose from zero (0) 2018/2019 to 130 billion in 2019/2020. This measure speaks allot of how public programs are managed. It is notable that state house does not have the mandate oversee the youth program. In addition, it opens a risk of politicization or government programs that are meant to benefit the youth and address issues of Hunger, poverty and poor health due to poor livelihood conditions. Lastly, statehouse operation are almost beyond public scrutiny and has a limited parliamentary oversight hence the space where youth can hold government accountable will be almost not there or too thin to pass through.

It is against this background that Uganda Youth Network in partnership with CSBAG and NAC are carrying out a survey to get public opinion mainly youth on the proposed plan for transfer of YLP program to state house from ministry of gender labour and social development.

Please follow the link below to take part in a 3 minutes survey to enable us get your views on the matter.

Survey Link: